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By: Danette Mckay
Applying and getting a home mortgage loan is one of the biggest financial step for most American people. There are many issues and considerations when applying for that home mortgage that can have long term consequences on your financials. Here are just a few.

Although many people do not look at it this way a home mortgage is a product like any other product. It has a price and it has different features and attributes. Like any other product that you buy just comparing the price is a mistake. You should also look at the balance between the price of the home mortgage and its features. You should also make sure that its features are right for you.

For example home mortgage applications can be processed in different speeds depending on the amount of the loan, the market conditions and the company you are taking the loan from. Sometimes that time is not important and should not be considered at all. But sometimes it can be the most important feature for example if you have a rare opportunity to buy a real estate asset and you are limited in the time you are allowed to get the loan. Generally speaking it is best to not be constraint by the application processing time. The more time you have the more loan options you can check and the better product you will buy for a lower price. Try to youíre your home purchase know in advance how much time will you need and make sure you allow yourself enough time.

Applying for a home loan is tedious. The lender will want to make sure that you can pay back the loan and that in case you can not pay the asset on lien will be valuable enough to pay the loan off. The way lenders work is that they do due diligence on you and the asset. A lender requires many documents that prove you financial ability to pay the loan, that prove the asset fair market value and so on. Know in advance which documents are needed and have them ready. For example if you intend to buy a house in the next 6 to 9 months and you know you will need a home mortgage loan donít wait for the last moment, go to a few lender and get the list of documents they will require. Have those documents ready so that when you need the loan you can quickly file them with a few lenders and make your choice.

Understanding the language the lender is going to be speaking is important to. Familiarize yourself with the mortgage industry common terms such as refinancing, ARM, fixed interest rate, interest rate only, title insurance, points and so on. For example if you know what a prepayment penalty is then when you get a mortgage you can ask on prepayment terms and make a decision if they fit you or not. If there is a chance that you will pay off all or mart of the mortgage earlier you should take caution with prepayment fees. If you estimate interest rates will go down and you will want to refinance you should also be cautious about prepayment fees.
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