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By: Danette Mckay
Applying for a mortgage is a big step. For most American consumers buying a house and applying for a mortgage is the biggest and most significant financial decision of their life. There are a few things you should educate yourself about before obtaining t(read entire article)
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By: Danette Mckay
For some consumers good credit comes naturally. Paying bills on time and not getting into unaffordable debt is their second nature. But for many other consumers bad credit is a chronic problem that takes a lot of attention and care to cure.(read entire article)
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By: Danette Mckay
Most consumers misunderstand how lenders look at their credit history. For most consumers credit history is simply one number which they know as their FICO number. But for lenders credit history is much more complicated.(read entire article)
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By: Danette Mckay
If you are reading this article then you either already have a mortgage or you are planning to get one soon. A mortgage is a big financial decision many times the biggest in your like. It is not surprising thus that getting a good mortgage is important. H(read entire article)
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By: Danette Mckay
Shopping online is becoming more and more popular and for many good reasons. More and more people find the advantages of online shopping and buy more and more stuff online.(read entire article)
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By: Danette Mckay
Many consumers today find themselves in a need to modify their mortgage loan. The reasons could be many but regardless of why the process is usually uncomfortable and a bit scary.(read entire article)
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By: Danette Mckay
Credit card debt is a big problem in the United States. Although credit card companies love consumers that pile up charges on their credit card to a state when they can not pay off the card at the end of the month needing to rely on the credit providing b(read entire article)
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By: Danette Mckay
Credit cards are great. We all love them as they are a very easy way to make purchases and lets face it we all like to buy stuff. Credit cards come in ever growing number of colors and plans some are free while other exclusive cards are very expensive pro(read entire article)
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By: Danette Mckay
Nobody really likes to buy insurance and pay its recurring payments. Most likely you will never need to use your insurance policy for any significant claim and thanks god for that. But deciding not to buy insurance can be an unwanted risk you do not want(read entire article)
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By: Vance Gay
Now is a good time to spend money. The economy is not in good shape as everybody knows which results in significant price cuts on anything from big items like houses and cars to small items like clothes and computers. If you have the cash this is the time(read entire article)
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