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By: Danette Mckay
Many consumers today find themselves in a need to modify their mortgage loan. The reasons could be many but regardless of why the process is usually uncomfortable and a bit scary.

Mortgage loan modification is the process of changing the terms of your mortgage. There are a few terms that can be changed such as the term of the mortgage the interest rate on it and so on. Some other things that can be modified are applying for interest only payments for a period of time or changing the principal on the loan.

It is important to be prepared before approaching your lender with regard to a mortgage loan modification. Mortgage loan modification is a negotiation process between the borrower and the lender. Like any other negotiation there should be a point where the interests of both parties match thus resulting in a successful negotiation outcome. Remember that when approaching the financial institute asking for a mortgage modification they are under no obligation to agree or to modify the loan. There must be a reason for the institute to go ahead with such a process.

The first thing to do when approaching the lender is to write down the reason why you would need the mortgage modified. For example losing a job or having your loan under water are common reasons. After writing down the reasons you should write down potential reasons for the lender to modify the loan. For example if you lost your job and can not pay your loan until you land a new job the bank has an interest to help you go through this period to prevent having the house go into foreclosure. Make sure to articulate the lender motivation as opposed to yours as when approaching the lender it is best to feed it with why this process is in its best interest.

So for example if you lost your job and can not pay the mortgage for a period of time you should go to the lender with a precise reasoning and plan. For example go to the lender and let it know that you lost your job and can not afford to pay the monthly payments until you land a new job. You should also make the lender feel confident that you are capable to land a new job. For example tell the lender you already sent your resume and hired a recruiter and that you have interviews lined up. Also provide some estimate for when you think you could land a new job.

Having the lender feel confident about you doing your homework is important. If the bank believes that your problem is indeed temporary and that you will eventually be able to pay the loan in full it will have a better incentive to help you going through that tough period. For example ask the bank to allow for lower interest only payments for a period until you land a new job. Or if that would be too much as the bank to freeze the payments for that period.

Mortgage modification is a negotiation process. In addition to letting the lender know why it is in its best interest to make the modification it is also good to let the lender know why not making the modification would result in a loss to the lender. For example let the lender understand that if you can not modify the loan you will be willing to go to a foreclosure or bankruptcy process which will result in further loss to the lender.
Danette Mckay wrote this article. More articles and information on credit
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