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By: Danette Mckay
A PMP is a Project Management Professional certification. It is basically a proof that the holder of such a certificate went through training and is an able and knowledgeable project manager. The PMP certification can be useful for example when applying for project management positions.

To be a certified project management professional you do need to have any previous business degree such as a Masters of Business Administration also known as MBA. In fact there is no real connection between PMP and MBA. While MBA is a more general degree that covers many business issues from human resources accounting and financing project management certification is a focused vocational training that emphasizes the skills needed in order to successfully manage small or big projects regardless of the type of industry or technologies used.

Since the project management professional certificate is more of a vocational certificate the requirements of most institutes providing such a certificate is a few years of hands on and relevant work experience. To get a project management certificate usually take between a few months of on an accelerated path or a few years of due to work and limited time only a few class a month can be taken. The project management professional certificate is won only after successfully passing a project professional test at the end of the course. The project management professional test is usually a standardized test controlled by the state or other local government.

So why do people want to get the project management professional certificate? In fact the certificate has become more and more popular in the last year. Some companies require that project managers hold that certificate. This is usually the case with very large corporations that are trying to make sure that there is some basic standard of knowledge and experience for its project managers. While other companies do not require a certificate having one can help potential employees land a job. It can also help in negotiation better compensation market statistics show that candidates holding the project management certificate are usually more likely to land a job at a higher salary.

Some people are confused about the difference between an MBA and a PMP. PMP is a focused certificate that is very helpful for professionals who are aiming at project management jobs or a long term project management career. MBA is a more generic management certificate that is more beneficial to people looking at general management positions and in future climbing of the corporate management ladder. MBA does teach some aspects of project management but not in the same depth as PMP.

It is a good thing to have both an MBA and a PMP certificate but if you have to choose between which one to get it really depends on your career goals. If you are aiming at a project management career you are better off with a PMP. For general management career you are better off with an MBA. If you can get both you should choose which one to get first. Again depending on your employment strategy if for example you decide to start your career in project management and then jumping to higher general management positions get a PMP first land a project management job and then work on your MBA.
Danette Mckay wrote this article. More articles and information on project management professional, pmp, pmi, project management certificate
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